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Sitting at home staring at your walls? Time for a design makeover? Try E-Design Services!!

By Lux Design Associates | April 27, 2020

This is the perfect opportunity to make those dreams a reality! With social distancing practices and the stay-at-home order, what better time for a home makeover than now with our E-design Service! Plus, what a good reason to get off the couch, or maybe you need to take a break from trying to remember third-grade […]

What Type of Fireplace is Best for Your Home?

By Lux Design Associates | January 7, 2019

With winter comes the chilling reality of cold weather. February (also known as the coldest month of the year) is looming upon us. So instead of wallowing in the winter blues, here I’ll show you the different types of fireplaces you can chose and enjoy while you’re making hot cocoa with the kids or having […]

All You Need To Know About Window Treatments

By Lux Design Associates | February 25, 2018

  Photo: Elle Decor If you decide on draperies, remember that their style will be set by the type of heading used which will also affect how both draperies and valances hang. Headings, most of which are now available ready-made (although there is nothing quite like the finish achieved by custom window treatments), include Pencil […]

5 Simple Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

By Lux Design Associates | November 20, 2017

Thursday morning comes quickly out of the dark, and with it the promise of the Thanksgiving feast. Have you set the table yet? You should get that table done early so you’re not in a rush right before the guests arrive. Here are some ideas that will help have the most amazing table setting. 1.- […]

Decorating Your Walls

By Lux Design Associates | October 6, 2017

No matter if you own or rent your home, we all seem to have a huge dilemma when is time to decorate the walls. Renting your place it doesn’t mean you can get away with empty walls, before you move out you can always patch the holes and cover them with a little paint, no […]

9 Ways to Easy Decorate with Dark Colors

By Lux Design Associates | October 6, 2017

People often shy away from dark colors because they think it’s going to make a room look gloomy or too dingy. Today at Lux Design Associates, however, we are going to debunk the myth. In fact we are going to show you just how you can completely enhance your home with dark colors, creating a space […]

Do You Have the Right Lighting?

By Lux Design Associates | October 6, 2017

It All Begins With Light Light is one of the four key elements of design. It’s also one of the trickiest to get right, thanks to the all the different options in lighting available. To assess the lighting in a room, begin by considering these questions: Is the lighting inviting? Or is it too bright, […]