Difference Between French Country and Farmhouse Style


Though both styles share a warm and rustic aesthetic, there are distinct differences between Farmhouse and French Country design. Farmhouse Style approach often uses a neutral color palette, mixing warm tones with cool whites and blues. The furniture is usually comfortable and functional, made of reclaimed wood or other rustic materials to enhance the feeling of coziness and warmth, and is often paired with industrial-style lighting fixtures. Accessories in a farmhouse style home might include vintage items, repurposed objects, and practical items like wicker baskets or pottery. The key to the farmhouse style is its welcoming, unpretentious, and lived-in aesthetic that puts an emphasis on simplicity and the beauty of the natural world.


 French country style is inspired by the rural homes found in the countryside of France. It often incorporates soft color palettes, distressed woodwork, ornate furniture, and delicate patterns. This style is characterized by its sophisticated, yet comfortable, aesthetic that blends elegance and ease. French country design takes a cue from nature, often incorporating elements such as dried lavender, toile, and rooster motifs. While the style can be ornate, there is a certain rustic simplicity that balances the design, making it feel warm and inviting.