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by | Apr 27, 2020

Try Virtual Design Services!!

This is the perfect opportunity to make those dreams a reality! With social distancing practices and more time at home, what better time for a home makeover than now with our Virtual design Service! Plus, what a good reason to get off the couch, or maybe you need to take a break from trying to remember third-grade math to help your child with their distance learning! Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can no longer get expert help from interior designers to lead and guide you through the design process! Thanks to technology, experts can still virtually work face-to-face with clients to create their dream home!

At Lux Design Associates, we offer a Virtual design service that includes a design questionnaire and initial consultation via email or phone. These tools help us discover what the client is looking for and brainstorm the best designs to make those ideas come to life. We create a floor plan specific to your space and present a design board for your review (Included is a revision to make sure you are pleased). We also include links to all items listed in the project to purchase so that clients have everything needed to create their dream space. We understand that your budget may be tight; this virtual design program gives you the flexibility to purchase items at your own pace. You can bring the design of your dreams to life! We offer these services at a flat-fee price based on the client’s space. Contact us to learn more about this service and pricing at or call 703-224-6986.

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of our Virtual design Service and start designing your dream forever home!! If you have been fantasizing about bright new walls, a beautiful rustic living room like the one you saw on HGTV, or just a whole new space and need someone to help you bring it to life… contact us, and let’s bring your dream home into existence!

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