Styling Pillows on a Sectional

by | Dec 23, 2020

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at our sectional, wondering how we can make the pillows look all beautiful and the sectional warm and inviting.

There are several ways to arrange your pillows. Here you will find some rules of the trade to create your own style.


Step No 1: Create a Color Palette

Start by using colors that compliment your sectional as the jumping-off point and create a higher-end look by allowing colors to gently flow into each other. As a rule of thumb, we try to avoid using more than five colors.


Step No. 2: How Many Pillows

We recommend using 6-7 pillows to create a full look without going overboard. Mix patterns and textures.


Step No. 3: Layering

· Choose 3 24×24 pillows in the same pattern. Place one on both ends and one in the middle.

· Choose 2 20×20 pillows that coordinate. Place one on both ends.

· Choose 1 16×26 that complements the other two patterns and place it between the corner pillows and the pillows on the arms. Place it on the longer side of the sectional.


Step No. 4: Add a Throw

Our final touch is to add a throw. It gives the space a lived-in feel and provides an element of comfort. Place it on the chaise or arm section of the sofa.

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